Leica M10-R, Black Paint Finish

Since the release of the first Leica M3 camera in 1954, every M camera has been the pinnacle of photography. The Leica M10-R is the latest addition to this legendary M family. New 40MP Sensor. The newly developed sensor delivers a resolution of over 40 megapixels, a significant increase compared to the Leica M10. This increase results in substantial enhancement of detail rendition. The new sensor of the M10-R opens up possibilities that weren’t available for Leica M-photographers before!  

In addition to the clear visibility of even the finest details, the new sensor provides you with freedom. Freedom to print large Fine Art prints full of detail, but also freedom to photographers that want to crop their images, but maintain image quality. In addition, the contrast-rich rendition of more subtle textures and structures lead to an even lower risk of moiré patterns. This makes the new M10-R perfectly suited for landscape- and architecture photography. 

Superb low-light performance and Dynamic Range.
High resolution usually comes with a sacrifice in low-light performance, but with the Leica M10-R this is not the case. The M10-R significantly reduces the image noise and offers a wider dynamic range. With the M10-R, the Leica M10 family is now complete. The other cameras in this family are the M10, M10-P, M10-D and M10 Monochrom. 

The base ISO of the Leica M10-R is 100 and it goes up all the way to 50.000. The maximum exposure has been increased to 16 minutes, giving M photographers the ability to create extraordinary night-time photos with the use of a tripod.  

Silent Shooting.
The Leica M10-R shares the shutter with the Leica M10-P. This means it is exceptionally quiet, allowing you to work discreetly without disturbing a scene. Apart from being quiet, the shutter also operates with minimal vibrations, which reduces the risk of camera shake when shooting with slower shutter-speeds.  

Made in Germany.
Like all Leica M-cameras, this new rangefinder camera is constructed largely by hand by highly trained specialists. The M10-R is fully constructed at Leica’s production plant in Wetzlar. This way Leica ensures that the large number of mechanical components - like the rangefinder, not only perform with superb precision, but guarantees that they are very robust. A Leica M-camera is synonymous with extraordinary reliability and durability, and they are regarded as a viable long-term investment. The M10-R is no exception. 

Leica M-Lenses.
In order to reach the full potential of the Leica M10-R, the use of Leica M-lenses is recommended. These lenses have the capability to fully utilize the high resolution of the new sensor of the M10-R. Particularly in combination with the APO lenses, such as the APO-Summicron-M 50 f/2 ASPH., the M10-R delivers images of a truly exceptional quality. The high resolution and superb detail rendition doesn’t mean that the character of older M-lenses is lost when paired with the camera. The opposite is true. The M10-R emphasizes the distinctive characteristics of older M lenses that are cherished and loved by so many Leica photographers all over the world. 

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