Before They Were Famous - David Drebin

Unique and rare Polaroid shots and contact sheets show the career beginnings of David Drebin and his protagonists.

With portraits of Charlize Theron, Steve Jobs, Bradley Cooper, Emily Blunt, Tommy Hilfiger and  Diane von Furstenberg, among others. 

The sixth book by David Drebin is limited to 1,200 copies and is a must­have for all lovers of his photography and art. 


In  Before They Were Famous,  multidisciplinary  artist David Drebin gathers his best shots of world-famous celebrities,  before  they  hit  the  big  time—whether Charlize Theron before her Oscar win or Steve Jobs before the first iPod. Limited to 1,200 copies, the book is a delightful and fascinating collection of pre-digital era  Polaroids,  contact  sheets,  and  many  of  Drebin’s most famous images before they were sold out—Central Park, Girl in the Red Dress, or I love you with Girl.    

We see famous faces every day: campaign shoots, pro­motional pictures, and paparazzi photos plaster the pages of print and digital media. But how did these well­ known personalities present in front of the camera before they made it big, becoming the highly­recognized celebrities of today? In Before They Were Famous, David Drebin has rummaged through his archive to curate some of his best pictures of today’s most familiar faces. Whether Charlize Theron  before  her  Oscar  win,  John  Legend  before  he stormed the charts, or Steve Jobs just before the intro­duction of the legendary first iPod, David Drebin photo­graphed them all on their path to fame. 
With this captivating line up, the New York City­based mul­tidisciplinary artist not only offers an intimate and original look at now world­famous celebrities, but also shares his own  career  beginnings  presenting  images  before  they were sold out. These limited edition photographs were all created  before  Drebin,  too,  became  famous,  providing  a unique  and  rare  document  of  his  own  creative  journey. Alongside the portraits, the book also shows original works, from femmes fatales to landscapes, which would come to define  his  practice  and  are  today  sold  as  limited  edition photographs in the finest galleries worldwide. 

David Drebin, a graduate of Parsons School of Design, began his career in commercial photography and then quickly made a name for himself advancing into the world of contemporary fine art. Over the years, his filmic signa-ture has evolved into other art forms, including neon light installations and the revolutionary “photo sculpture.” With his work collected worldwide, Drebin is represented in-ternationally by some of the finest art galleries. His work has been shown in multiple exhibitions over the last dec-ade and has been featured at many of the most presti-gious art fairs.  

Author: David Drebin
ISBN: 978-3-96171-186-4
Format: 25 x 32 cm
200 pp, 89 color photographs
Text: German and English

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