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Jürgen Wettke

Jürgen Wettke was born in 1953 in Hagen (North Rhine-Westphalia), Germany. In addition to his successful career-e. g. as a leader in an international corporate consulting firm-he has been a passionate photographer since he was a boy. Perspective and the thoughtful use of light are more important to him than technical tricks. In recent years, he has focused more on landscape photography. He wants his work to touch the viewer emotionally and raise awareness of how fragile our planet's ecosystems are. His first photo books, The Art of the Wadden Sea and The Namib Desert, published by teNeues in 2013 and 2016, were resounding successes: exhibits in Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Kampen (Sylt), and Salzburg marked their rollout, and there was extensive press coverage as well (Die Zeit, Geo, Die Welt, Stern, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung). With the Wadden Sea, the Namib Desert, and Iceland, Jurgen Wettke has found motifs that are constantly changing due to the forces of nature. His photographs are notable not only for their aesthetic qualities, which make them highly desirable collector's items, but also for the sheer uniqueness of each and every shot.

Iceland - Jürgen Wettke

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