Jungle Spirits - Christian Ziegler

A comprehensive look at the world’s most diverse tropical rain forests.

Equally visual and informative, this book features both stunning photography and detailed texts.

A meaningful gift for anyone with an interest in nature, animals, travel, and more. 

With a foreword by Ruth Eichhorn, GEO Photo Editor-at Large.


With their breathtaking range of flora and fauna, rain forests are veritable treasures in the world of wildlife. Photographed by the award-winning photojournalist and conservationist, Christian Ziegler, Jungle Spirits is an ode to the tropical splendor of the planet’s most diverse ecosystems, while also a call to action to protect tropical rain forests worldwide. Images captured across 20 countries and on four continents present a fascinating look at the globe’s most celebrated jungles in all their lush glory. Through Ziegler’s vibrant photography, readers journey through pristine landscapes, discover captivating creatures—including bonobos, chameleons, bats, and more—and forge an appreciation for rare plants. Informative texts penned by Ziegler’s partner and fellow conservationist, Daisy Dent, complete the book.

 CHRISTIAN ZIEGLER is an award-winning, Panama-based photojournalist specializing in natural history and science-related topics. His work has been published in GEO and National Geographic, among others. A tropical ecologist by training, Ziegler served as Associate for Communication at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI) in Panama.

 DAISY DENT is an ecologist who has worked in tropical forests for over 15 years. She works in Panama, Brazil, and Malaysia, where she conducted her PhD research. Dent is a lecturer at the University of Stirling, U.K., and a Research Associate at STRI, Panama.

Author: Christian Ziegler
ISBN: 978-3-96171-029-4
Format: 25 x 32 cm
240 pp, 180 color photographs
Hardcover with jacket
Text: German, English and French

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