Leica Akademie Cards

€ 20,67 ex BTW

Become a photography expert, while playing – this pack of cards offers a full year of inspiration and motivation! For passionate photographers and Leica fans, the 52 playing cards define a new task from the world of photography for each week; in addition to delightful evenings of card-playing fun: clubs = landscape; diamonds = street; spades = monochrome; and hearts = classic. The pack is also great for winning rounds of Poker, Blackjack, Solitaire or Rummy! Expand your creative potential – it's child's play with the Leica Akademie playing cards.

  • Inspiration and motivation for photographers and Leica fans
  • The year has 52 weeks, and 52 cards make up one deck of standard playing cards, giving them a new task each week.
  • Each card provides a topic giving a wide overview in photography. Main photography topics are:
  • Clubs-Landscape
  • Diamonds-Street
  • Spades-Monochrom
  • Hearts-Classic
  • Two Joker cards with bonus tasks.
  • Also a standard deck of cards to play games like Poker, Black Jack, Solitaire, Hearts.

€ 25,00 (incl. BTW)