Leica Q2 | DISNEY “100 Years of Wonder”

For over 100 years, Leica has been developing precise optical instruments that have revolutionized the world of imaging many times over. The perfect choice for creative people, especially those who work with images. And therefore the perfect collaboration with Walt Disney, who 100 years ago began to bring his vision and passion to the making of animated films. Since the early days of animation, Disney has used Leica (then Leitz) cameras and projectors to create sophisticated storyboards for his cartoons. To celebrate the anniversary, Disney and Leica are revealing the closely guarded secret of their groundbreaking collaboration - the special limited edition Leica Q2 | Disney "100 Years of Wonder".
Thanks to the innovative Leica equipment of the time, Disney dramatically changed the techniques of animation filmmaking - to such an extent that the term "Leica Reel" was coined during this period. "Leica Reels" are created by animating still images onto 35mm film projections. In this advanced process, the preliminary artwork is matched to a soundtrack using a combination of techniques to give a very precise sense of the pacing of a sequence.
The design of the special edition Leica Q2 camera is based on a model sheet created in 1937 by Don Towsley, one of the famous animators at the Walt Disney Studio. A Mickey Mouse print also adorns the camera's top plate. The special edition also includes a protective dust bag with matching original Disney graphics and a special rope strap.
The Leica Q2 | Disney "100 Years of Wonder" reveals an impressive imagination at first glance: it is adorned with a very special material, reminiscent of the tracing paper on which Disney's creators drew scenes and characters, which not only gives the camera a sophisticated aesthetic, but also makes it even more interesting for amateur collectors.
The special edition is limited to 500 sets worldwide.