Leica S3 RED "Edition Sandro Miller".

As most of you know, we take pride in collaborating closely with photographers. Sometimes these collaborations result in a book. Our most recent endeavor was called “Death In the Desert” by Sandro Miller, a photo book detailing his covid experience. The entire book was shot with the Leica S digital medium format system, resulting in greatly detailed photographs. The book has been out for a while, and now the collaboration between us and Sandro Miller has taken a new form: the Leica S3 “Sandro Miller” special edition (limited to 10 worldwide). The camera features a stunning red leatherette which corresponds visually with the red theme in the book. Sandro’s autograph is displayed on the top and on the hot shoe you will find the numbered edition out of 10 available.
We are thrilled to see the fruits of our collaboration come together so beautifully!!