Leica M6 TTL 0.85 "Die letzten 999 M6" #746/999

***SOLD*** This rare silver Leica M6 TTL 0.85 which has got limited edition number 746/999 (and serial number : 2735758) comes as new in the original Leica box with all the papers in the wooden box included.
The M6 was introduced in 1984 as the first Leica M-camera with integrated led exposure metering system. “Die letzten 999 M6 TTL” is a limited series of 999 M6 TTL bearing a special print "LEICA M6 1984 - 2002" logo on the topplate.
The cameras all have got a special serial number of the form 001/999. They are delivered in a luxury wooden box with a black silk inlay and packaged in silver cardboard packaging. Each camera comes with a hand-signed certificate of both Mr. Cohn and Mr. Coenen (former CEO’s from Leica).


The following version were available:

- 10542 M6 TTL "Die letzten 999 M6" black 0,58
- 10543 M6 TTL "Die letzten 999 M6" chrome 0,58
- 10544 M6 TTL "Die letzten 999 M6" black 0,85