Nikon DP-2 Photomic Finder

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Nikon DP-2 Photomic Finder  s/n 548724


Designed to fit any Nikon F2 camera, the Photomic Finder DP-2 incorporates a precise center-weighted CdS exposure metering system coupled to the lens-aperture and shutter-speed controls. Instead of the older way of meter needle display system, light-emitting diodes (LEDs) in the viewfinder glow bright red in two signal lights to indicate correct exposure. The signal lights are also visible on top of the finder. Besides providing easy-to-see metering information even in poor light, the finder extends meter sensitivity down to EV -2 (8 seconds at f/1.4 with an ASA 100 film). 

In combination with the EE Aperture Control Attachment DS-1 accessory, the Photomic Finder DP-2 provides the Nikon F2 camera with automatic shutter priority automatic exposure (AE) metering control.  

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