Matthew Rolston - beautyLIGHT , Collector Edition

Matthew Rolston
Collector's Edition: 40,5 x 56,4 cm

Offering a very limited numbered edition to display in a custom-made, extra large linen box Containing one of Rolston's most distinctive photographs of Penelope Cruz as a signed, numbered and archival print.

Item No.: 79285
ISBN: 978-3-8327-9285-5
Format: 40,5 x 56,4 cm

Matthew Rolston offers a unique series of glamorous photo portraits. With painterly skill, Warhol's protégé creates gorgeous vignettes of some of the world's most scintillating and talented people. Rolston's photographs channel the spirit of vintage Hollywood. In two luxuriously printed limited editions, Rolston presents a stunning series of celebrity portraits — veritable paintings of color, light, vampish intrigue and retro glamour.

© beautyLIGHT Collector's Edition by Matthew Rolston, published by teNeues,

Photo © 2008 Matthew Rolston Photographer, Inc. All rights reserved.


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