MONO, very limited edition in cassette.
Only 100 + 5 artist proofs.
This version of the book is presented in an exclusive velvet cover. It also contains an album (velvet) with the same cover image printed in "diapositive". This album includes an original, signed photograph of Ralph Gibson.



120 pages
250 x 375 mm
Lustrum Press, 2013
ISBN 9781467585293


“I make books because my chosen audience is you, the
gentle reader, the book lover who actually wants to reflect
on the images and their interrelationships. This is how my
work has evolved over the decades. I so enjoy seeing the
image well printed on a fine sheet of paper, beautifully
bound and warm in the hand and perceived at the perfect
viewing distance. This is a form of total artistic autonomy.“
“A book is about part to part; part to whole. This translates
as page to page; page to book. The book then becomes an
object in its own right, a thing unto itself that can have
a long and interesting life. It can sit on the shelf for years and
the instant it is taken down and viewed it springs to life... a
constantly renewable form of energy.”

- Ralph Gibson (from the introduction text of Mono)



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