XCD 3.2/90mm

The XCD 90mm is the ideal portrait lens for the X1D. It's moderate telephoto focal length provides a 71mm equivalent field of view, making it the perfect portrait lens. As part of the X System lens range, it's lightweight and compact size perfectly complements the compact X1D body. Coupled with it's wide aperture, the focal length allows you to isolate small elements in the field of view with a beautifully smooth bokeh.

The Hasselblad Central Lens Shutter
While the principal of a central, or leaf shutter is very simple, designing one which is fast, accurate, durable and energy efficient is a great challenge. The shutter units are built at the Hasselblad factory in Sweden where we can control each step of the manufacturing process and maintain the utmost quality, shot after shot.

For a leaf shutter to be effective it must accelerate to its open position as quickly as possible and also close quickly and reliably, using minimal power and without causing damage to the blades. This design has many advantages:
• Flash sync at all shutter speeds, up to 1/2000th second.
• No energy is required to hold the shutter in an open or closed state as the powerful neodymium magnets perform this function.
• The acceleration speed of the leaf blades is very high, so the time taken for the blades to fully open and close is minimal.
• Calibration of shutter speeds is not dependent on mechanics or springs and can be set extremely accurately.
• The shutter is incredibly durable. Working with test exposures of up to 1/1000th second we have seen extremely high life cycles, well beyond the existing service limit of 1,000,000 exposures.
• The shutter is in a "ready" state at all times so does not need to be "cocked".
• Virtually no vibration for longer exposures.

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