Quotidian by Alain Laboile

Alain Laboile’s new book Quotidian.

This self-taught photographer who only possesses one picture of his own childhood simply wished to record the passing of time with his family. Much of the inspiration behind Laboile’s collections stem from his desire to transform the transient moments of his children’s’ lives into everlasting memories that can be viewed years later.

Wrought-iron craftsman, photographer and father to six children, Alain Laboile started a family album in 2007, at the age of 39. His “La Famille” series was, at first, a private treasure.

His latest creation “Quotidian” shows family photos from the last year, all made with the Leica Q.

"The Photographs of Alain Laboile appear on the page almost as a shock, a sequence of images that strike you in the gut, evading for a moment any standard comprehension, Why is that? At first you might say, well... they are magical, full of innocence, the children are wonderful, these are pictures of paradise etc..

All this is true. These qualities and more abound in Alain's tantalizing work. But, as you get over the first wave of amazement at the absolute charm of these pictures, and you recognize the ability of the photographer, you see that these photographs also have formal qualities that transcend their immediate subject matter.

If you gave this set of pictures a title as prosaic as 'life on a farm in France' you would seriously underestimate what is here. For in this setting Alain has extracted photographs of mystery, abstraction, surrealism and emotional power. As you engage with this work there is a strong desire to be in this place, with these kids, in this life, in this magic. Maybe we all want to get back to that place ...to return... Simply stated these are great photographs. This is photography. This is how powerful it can be."

Andy Summers (The Police)

april 2017

96 pages
295 x 330 mm
ISBN 9789082040340

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