Stern Portfolio 59

Stern FOTOGRAFIE Portfolio No. 59
Berlinale 1954-1967
Heinz Köster

A comprehensive rediscovery of an overlooked genius
Relive the vitality and style of 50’s glamour
Heinz Koester's celebrity photography brought much-needed hope and distraction to the austerity of post-war Germany. His skilful lighting and unique camera angles are still striking to the modern eye. Although very advanced in photographic techniques, Koester treated his subjects with old-world courtesy. Warts and all documentary style was not for him. A master of the careful touch-up and flattering composition, these works showcase public figures in a way thats both intimate and inspiring. Working by day and by night, Koester's output was monumental. Mighty statesmen, theatrical impresarios, screen legends; his lens captured them all! This collection presents the artistic highlights of a most prolific career.

96 pp., Hardcover 
61 b/w photographs 
Text in English and German

Item No.: 19899
ISBN: 978-3-570-19899-5
Format: 27 x 36 cm



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