Stern Portfolio 58

Stern FOTOGRAFIE Portfolio No. 58
Herb Ritts

A worthy tribute to an artist whose images defined an era
A comprehensive overview of this original talent’s portraits
This portfolio showcases the legendary Herb Ritts, probably the greatest master of celebrity and beauty photography. Until his death in 2002, this Californian genius created and developed an iconic brand of glamour across the worlds of both editorial and advertising. His trademark groundbreaking approach is still the standard to which others aspire. Indeed, it is his images of world stars and models that best captured style at the end of the 20th century. With an understanding for the architectural quality of true beauty, Ritts conveys its structure, its texture—and its explosive impact. This Stern Fotografie volume features the best—some unpublished—portraits of those whom Herb Ritts immortalized.

96 pp., Hardcover
61 b/w photographs
Text in English and German

Item No.: 19848
ISBN: 978-3-570-19848-3
Format: 27 x 36 cm


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