Stern Portfolio 64

Stern FOTOGRAFIE Portfolio No. 64
Bruce Gilden

A daring risk-taker, this multi-award-winning photographer is an artist of historical note
An essential addition to any collection of contemporary photography

A documentary artist in the tradition of street photographers such as William Klein, Bruce Gilden has a sharp eye for idiosyncracy. His distinctive use of flash showcases each subject, just as theater lighting draws us nearer to the actors on a stage. This intimate mood is rare for images largely set in public spaces. Before launching his photographic career, Gilden studied sociology and is keenly aware of how environments can define people. An expressive realist, the Magnum photographer conveys the nuances of each milieu with great integrity. His locations range from Coney Island to Haiti, as well as the closed worlds of Irish horse trading and the Japanese underworld.

96 pp., Hardcover
c. 60 b/w photographs
Text in English and German

Item No.: 00005
ISBN: 978-3-652-00005-5
Format: 27 x 36 cm



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